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New Beginning Universal Deliverance Church Believes in community service and community support.


Whether you serve inside or outside the walls of NBUDC, we believe that community support is an important part of growing this ministry. We often find ourselves sharing the word of God while we wash cars and BBQ. Most people stop by and donate time, money and supplies. But they always leave full off the Love that we express in Jesus name. Our Mission is simple, "Tell others of God’s unfailing Love, Treat others the way that you would like to be treated, Uplift your sister and brother and go out into the world and proclaim the GOSPEL ( The good news ! ) that Jesus is still ALIVE and saving the lost, hurt, wounded, bound and SOON to Return! 



Community involvement keeps us growing spiritually by God’s grace and naturally in numbers. The youth at NBUDC love to sing and dance for the Lord. You may see them in one of the fundraising locations Singing…I love to praise him, I love to praise his name ….Jesus you are the center of my Joy. All the while they are washing cars and spraying each other with water. There are times when the BBQ grill pipes known as (NBUDC double stacks)  are sending out smoke singals and people have been known to follow the smoke and smell! (No kidding, we have the testimonies to prove it). In order to find us and stop in to fellowship and enjoy some good ol’ Tasting BBQ.



Let us know if your stopping by we would love to spend some Jesus Time with you! After all, it is the Christian thing to do. Jesus after Ministering sat amongst the people and "fellowshiped" with them …Some talked with Him, some ate with Him ….But ALL loved to serve him.


If you would like to get involved with NBUDC please feel free to contact us via the contact form or  

contact Pastor Mahone @ 334 590-2325.



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106 North Main Street 2nd Floor

Brundidge, Alabama 36010

(334) 590-2325

New Beginning Universal  Deliverance Church,Inc

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